Daniel Forni



cybertalk / edition #4

Covering the first edition of Cybertalk during my internship at Reflect Digital, and then continuing to be lead creator on two subsequent editions after I had returned as a fully-fledged member of the design team a few weeks later, allowed me to become fully immersed in SBL’s hopes and desires for their three-a-year publication. 

Cybertalk is a journalistic and academic magazine by SBL, a leading cyber-security company, and regularly features articles by international university alumni, SBL Cyber security professionals, budding students in the field of cyber-security and advertorials by the likes of McAfee, Dobus and Apple.

Issue #4, featured above, addressed issues such as Government sponsored cyber-attacks, information sharing on social media sites, and the revolutionary world of 3D printing and biometric security. The issue also included advertorials from Apple, Windows and The National Museum of Computing.

Produced for SBL, whilst at Reflect Digital, January 2014.



cybertalk / edition #2

Issue #2 was the first issue entrusted to Reflect Digital, and myself as lead designer. The issue explored topics such as information technology as core education, the monitoring of social media threats, the first ever student showcase for SBL, and an examination of 'cyber' as a human science.

Produced for SBL, whilst at Reflect Digital, March 2013.


cybertalk / edition #3

Issue #3 of Cybertalk was a commemorative edition about Alan Turing, a pioneer for the information age, and a figure who continues to be a source of inspiration and freedom. The issue also explores Bletchley Park, the Second World War, quantum physics and published book reviews. 

Produced for SBL, whilst at Reflect Digital, August 2013.