editorial design & direction

client: SBL / employer: Reflect Digital / date: January 2014

cybertalk_covers 4.jpg


To drive SBL’s brand awareness and credibility inthe cyber-security field with a quarterly magazine.


Modern editorial layouts, bespoke illustrations,and individualistic content-led designs to capture a broad target audience, combining authority,innovation and creativity.


52 page magazine, digital and print, including bespoke illustrations.

illustrating the world of cyber security


From cyber software to silicon valley

Working with internal stakeholders I created a set structure and design for the magazine that allowed traditional pages, such as ‘Contents, to have a cohesive look-and-feel, with articles, interviews and advertorials having their own individual design aesthetics.

Due to the more unusual and abstract nature of the magazine’s content, I also created various bespoke illustrations that would tie nicely with each individual article.


Issue One

CyberTalk Issue One explored a host of content, from social media threats to cyber security as a human science.

Issue Two

CyberTalk Issue Two was dedicated to Alan Turing, from exploring life at Bletchley Park, to exploring his legacy and effect on modern day technology.