deezer merchandising


client: Deezer / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: June 2018
Lead Designer: Daniel Forni / Copywriter: Matthew Huckle & Daniel Forni

Deezer Rebranded_HEADER.jpg


Deezer required a set of guidelines for their international merchandising and gifting collateral that would range from promotional merchandise and office stationary solutions, to premium gifting ideas for VIP clients and music artists. 


Using the main Deezeer mark and pattern we created a suite of merchandise that was created in 3 tiered categories for a range of purposes and cost effective solutions:

Tier 1. Brand-led essentials
Tier 2. Bespoke merchandising
Tier 3. Premium gifting
Additional collateral


Branding guidelines
Asset mockups

merchandising collateral


aligning global collateral

The 3 tiers of merchandising, explored in more detail below, were laid out in a bespoke Deezer Merchandising Brand Guidelines document that would be shared internationally to aid in the alignment of the look and feel of global merchandising. 


tier 1:
brand-led essentials


simple branded solutions

Tier 1 assets consisted of general assets that were created with versatility in mind. This merchandise would be used in a range of situations, so the visuals primarily used core brand colour-ways, geometrical patterning and logos as hero features.


tier 2:
bespoke merchandising


route 1: content-led

As a more bespoke merchandising option, and to powerfully represent Deezer’s broad range of musical talent, Tier 2 used brand music artist imagery in contemporary, colourful, and minimalistic designs that brought the artist to the front and centre, alongside Deezer’s recognisable multicoloured geometric patterning design.


route 2: copy-led

Being well-known for their playful copy lines, we also created another set of Tier 2  that utilised humourous copy lines with the products themselves. Playing with familiar idioms, the headlines were a combination of phrases that related to the product itself, but were edited to include a musical edge. 


route 2: international copy-led variations

As a global brand, Deezer also required variations of the copy-led designs in various languages, starting with Spanish, Portuguese and French. Native speakers were hired to find the best idioms that would match the sentiment of the English language versions.





tier 3:
premium gifting

GIVE 17.jpg

leaving a lasting impression

For the final premium tier of gifting we gathered a range of gifts that would leave a lasting impression with the core audience that would be receiving gifts from this tier: clients and artists. These gifts ranged from high quality branded AI speakers, beverage and food gift sets to branded perfumes and aftershaves.


additional collateral


gifts for unique audiences

Alongside the three core tiers of merchandise and gifting solutions, we also explored family blogger gifting and packaging solutions that spoke to Deezer’s growing influencer base.


family blogger gifting

Deezer often utilise family bloggers to promote their in-home solutions, such as their work with Google Home, and with this in mind they required a unique set of gifts that could be gifted to families, with children that ranged from toddlers to teenagers.

packaging & extras

As an additional consideration, we also explored bespoke packaging solutions that would allow Deezer to create a truly personal and fully branded gifting solution. These ranged from simple colour choices when it came to initial packaging solutions, to bespoke wrapping paper.