janger business assets

graphic design

client: Janger / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: October 2018
Lead Designer: Daniel Forni



Janger required ongoing business print collateral that aligned with their new B2C aesthetic. This collateral ranged from business cards to sales packs.


Collateral that aligned with Janger’s new colourfully contemporary branding, whilst remaining mature and fitting to be used within a formal business space.


Business cards
Sales pack
Project report

dynamic, professional, memorable


business cards

We designed a series of minimally styled business cards that primarily used Janger’s combined colourways and stylised typography. The cards also featured a bespoke dye-cut hole in which a Janger could be clipped through, transforming them from a simple business card, into a hybrid product sample for potential new clientele.


janger 2019 sales pack

The Janger Sales Pack was designed to tell the brand story, from it’s profitable beginnings in the B2B market, to their latest venture into the consumer market.

We defined colour choices for each individual spread, ensuring specific messaging could be contained and communicated visually within it’s own section, utilising Janger’s combined graphic imagery, illustration and photography, editing colours to fit within each spreads aesthetic.

The pack was created in both print and digital formats for varied of use.


janger 2019 project pack

Janger’s Project Report needed to effectively communicate the scientifically tested benefits and advantages of the Janger’s production, as prepared by The University Of Sheffield.

Small accents of colours, opaque graphics and infographics were the primary graphic devices used within the report to ensure that it maintained a professional and credible look-and-feel.