janger photoshoot

art directed photoshoot

client: Janger / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: December 2018
Lead Designer & Art Director: Daniel Forni



Janger required a suite of product imagery content for their website and social channels. Content that would showcase their brand new product range, alongside imagery that would showcase different scenarios in which the Janger can be used.


Simple and minimal product shots alongside a series of stylised overhead scenes. 


Janger hero products shots
Individual Janger stylised shots

a fresh approach


Product photography

The product shots were shot on complementary flat colour backgrounds, perfect for dynamic and eye-catching promo product imagery needs.


Stylised overhead photography

The art direction of the overhead shots always saw a core central Janger with styled props surrounding it.

Each shot was given a primary category, from a holiday inspired set-up, to a child’s playroom floor littered with colourful toys, showcasing the diverse uses of the Janger.