janger social

social media content design & direction

client: Janger / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: Ongoing
Lead Designer & Animator: Daniel Forni



As Janger launched their brand new product onto the market, they required both launch, and ongoing creative, for their social media platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook. This creative should showcase a variety of uses to align with brands proposition that the Janger is ‘Made for travel, and helpful at home’.


A blend of colourful imagery that would communicate Jangers versatile uses, whilst aligning visually with all other brand platforms and collateral.


3 x social media content produced weekly

showcasing a spectrum of uses


the design

Using photographic, illustrative, and graphic mockups as our core types of imagery, we created an ongoing series of static images and animated posts that would showcase all the wonderful and unusual Janger uses.

Maintaining visual consistency created a striking and playful feed, filled with personality, designed to inspire and inform.


static posts

Static posts were derived from both existing brand content, such as the vibrant illustrations, to newly created graphic mockups and art directed imagery.


animated posts

Animated posts ranged from subtly moving backgrounds and stop motion animations, to full story-driven video pieces.