janger website

website design

client: Janger / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: November 2018
Lead Designer: Daniel Forni / Lead Build & Development: Julie Bodie



In August 2018, Janger, an innovative hanger brand, came to Brand & Deliver for a brand new identity for their B2C venture. They subsequently needed a web presence that would reflect the new brand identity, communicate brand messaging, and allow people to buy directly from the site. 


A contemporary and striking responsive website design that aligned with the core brand identity, utilising playful assets to communicate brand personality and elevate customer conversion. 


Multi-page website design
Third party shopping site incorporation 

intelligently designed for ease of use


the concept

The Janger is a uniquely ingenious product that is designed with simple ease of use in mind. This perfect combination inspired a colourful, yet minimal approach to its online presence. A clutter-free UX experience filled with personality. 


from story to shop in seconds


the design

Who? What? Why?

As the website was the core proponent of Jangers product launch, it was crucial to answer these questions instantaneously to visitors.

5 core pages outlined the brand, the product, it’s uses, it’s USP’s and how to get it, with a responsive design that brought the brand to life on desktop and mobile. 

By strategically implementing Jangers broad colour palette with individual page-by-page colour combinations, we ensured each page had it’s own colourfully balanced visual identity, but sat cohesively with all other site pages, and viewers did not feel visually overloaded.

A built-in, fully branded Shopify page ensured visitors could go from story to checkout in seconds. 


On-site graphics

A suite of different graphic elements meant visitors could recognise the legibility of the product through photographic assets and mockups, with bespoke illustrations, created with our direction, allowing Janger to communicate more abstract ideas. 

Moving parts

To bring the Janger spirit to life even further we directed the production of various on site animations that would transform simple content into playful UX.