brand creation

client: Kuden / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: March 2018

Daniel Forni: Lead Designer / Rob Pratt: Creative Director / Sam Evenden: Motion Design

Kuden - Core Branding.jpg


To create a new brand identity for Kuden, a brand consultancy firm that offers advice and strategy for a range of businesses and different requirements.


An identity that speaks to the journey of consultancy itself. With Kuden by your side from the beginning you can be sure to find the most efficient route to your business solutions.


Brand identity
Collateral designs
Digital recommendations
Video direction


The smart journey to mastery


the concept

Kuden, the smart journey to mastery. Whether that is analysing how your business compares to fellow peers and competitors, or understanding how to achieve optimal performance within your business, Kuden is your starting point to achieving these goals. 

Kuden_Graphic Device_2.png

the design

A primarily typographic logo that featured a red ’starting point’ that sat within the K, with branches to represent the various paths and opportunities Kuden offers. The edited K was then also utilised as a standalone monogram when the long form logo would not be used, such as when creating a favicon. The font choice was light, modern and professional, speaking to the more personal nature of Kuden’s approach. 


bringing the brand to life

Kuden - Monogram 1.jpg

brand guidelines

We created a set of brand guidelines that would ensure the brand identity remained consistent from the initial rollout to through to brand expansion


From business cards to notebooks, we created a set of designs that showcased the versatility of Kuden’s design across varied collateral, using the core logo, the monogram and the graphic device. 


office graphics

Proposed graphics that showcase how the monogram and core logo would be applied to Kuden HQ, with the red starting point and it’s branches designed to travel around the space, brining the logo to life.

photographic style

Minimally styled, with a focus on metaphors that relate to the core brand proposition. Content wold range from casual model photography to abstract conceptual imagery, all imbued with a sense of movement and elements of red to add in a touch of the brand colour palette.


digital applications

Concepts for Kuden’s online presence, including a homepage design, social channel branding and Kuden Connect, their very own brand portal and education platform. 

graphic devices & icons

The graphic device originated from the core logo, and relays a sense of movement and destination. The iconography was a simple line style with touches of red, created with open ended line to again.



Bringing the logo to life through motion brought out the true sentiment behind the red starting point dot and communicated a real sense of movement and journey.



Kuden - Monogram 1.jpg


Alongside the main brand identity we also concepted how sub-brands would fit look with the Kuden prefix. Changing the colour of the starting point to match the suffix united the logos in a subtly sophisticated manner.


The colourways for the individual sub-brands would also become a part of the imagery used, with accent being added to imagery much like the red accents in the core branding.