lenovo bett 2018

exhibition design

client: Lenovo / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: January 2018
Lead Designer: Daniel Forni / Creative Director: Rob Pratt / Video Director: Sam Evenden

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To create a striking stand design for Lenovo’s presence at BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) 2018.


Today’s classrooms are growing and changing, they need technology that can adapt and grow with them. Systems that allow them to explore every angle of education.


Creative Direction
Exhibition space design and direction
Printed handouts
Visitor takeaways

Instinctive technology for tomorrow’s innovators


the concept

Much like the natural world, classrooms are an ever-evolving environment. Where plants grow and adapt, so do the technological needs of pupils across the globe. 

The capability to instinctively adapt. The resourcefulness to continuously grow with evolving surroundings. The ability to offer the freedom of exploration. These are the three core necessities of any education technology provider in 2018. 

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the design

The design drew on the combination of natural elements and technological visuals. The Lenovo technology tree stood central within the stand, with it’s circuitry roots segmenting the surrounding space into core zones. Trees and foliage were embedded through the space, from grass-topped display units to the hero feature living wall.


the classroom of the future

The stand was a hybrid space, a captivating combination of technology and natural elements.

space to explore

The stand layout was specifically designed to encourage exploration. With core product interactions around the sides of the stand, staff could quickly communicate hero products to passers by.


an immersive education

Visitors were immersed in content underneath the canopy of the Lenovo technology tree. From the depths of the ocean, to the leafy terrain of the rainforest, the content enabled them to transport themselves into a journey of global exploration.

the lead up

Colourful overhead banners on the DLR walkway meant visitors were instantly aware of Lenovo’s presence at BETT before they even arrived. The designs were kept simple and vibrant in brand colours using the hero leaf circuit artwork for a little hint at the stands theme. 


the goodies


staff uniforms

Colourful branded t-shirts coordinated with the bright visuals on the stand, and meant Lenovo staff were instantly recognisable on the stand so visitors always had clear points of contact.


printed materials

With the event hosting hundreds of stands, visitor dwell time was naturally low, so bespoke leaflets ensured that visitors left with a suite of information that they could enjoy at their leisure. 


The nature theme continued with branded giveaways that included a wood finish USB, herb seed pencil and colour leaf print tote bag.