lenovo bett 2019

exhibition design

client: Lenovo / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: January 2019
Lead Director: Daniel Forni / Video Director: Sam Evenden

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Lenovo required a unique and striking, 18m x 17m stand design for their presence at the Bett Show 2019, an annual education technology conference held at the ExCel Centre London. 


A scientifically themed stand that would reflect the modern classrooms ability to take students from the farthest reaches of the universe, to the atomic level of our very own DNA. 


Creative Direction
Exhibition space design and direction
Printed handouts
Visitor takeaways

The wonder within

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the concept

It starts with an idea, a spark of imagination, that invokes a desire to explore hidden depths.

From atom to aerospace, explore the furthest reaches of your imagination with virtual learning experiences and machines that can stand up to the toughest of environments.

Uncover the magic behind the machine, from code to cover, and turn the world into your classroom with innovatively designed technology that swiftly adapts to your needs.


an environment designed for exploration

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the design

A scientific showcase designed to immerse visitors in the heart of exploration.

Explore VR technology beneath an atomic canopy, discover innovative desktop solutions in the heart of a waterfall, and immerse yourself in an outer space adventure in your very own gaming pod.


a suite of scientific artwork

Hero visuals took the form of a main hexagonal patterning that juxtaposed seamlessly with the abundance of purposeful white space. Alongside this patterning we utilised a bank of powerful scientific imagery that related to Lenovo technology itself.

striking hero features

We created a set of core hero features that would differentiate the stand from surrounding competitors. Gigantic overhead atoms, large-scale aerial screen content, an immersive gaming zone and a real life waterfall showcased products, and communicated brand messaging in a unique and eye-catching way.


all four corners covered

A naturally symmetrical stand that showcased enticing visitor interactions around it’s outer shell, with a hospitality centre that would allow for key visitors to wait in comfort until their appointment slots within the meeting rooms at either side of the area.

additional partnerships

Alongside communicating Bett show products, Lenovo wanted to showcase various other projects that had happened over the last year, this included their charitable Lenovo foundation and its Loveon launch campaign, their work with F1 In Schools, and their student-created VR experience. 


inbox invitations

A series of emails were designed to send out pre-event, from emails to internal Lenovo staff looking to book out meeting rooms for perspective clients, to VIP invitations to external stakeholders inviting them to the prestigious Bett Awards Show.

a branded walkway

We designed multiple overhead banners that were positioned down the walkway between the main DLR entrance and the ExCel Centre entrance. This in turn meant visitors were aware of Lenovo’s grand presence and scientific theming before even entering the exhibition space.


six screens for a spectacular story

Six large-scale vertical screens that hung dramatically over the heart of the stand showcased visual content relating to the core visuals below. The direction was based around the core concept, with content ranging from microscopic cells and natural phenomenons to space exploration and feats of man-made engineering, with hexagonal transitions moulding the content together seamlessly.


a stand out experience

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the event

The event itself was held in the ExCel Centre from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2019 and gathered thousands of visitors. Visitors that ranged from groups of touring school children, to key education stakeholders looking to invest in purchasing for their academic institutions.

With various engaging interactions and a colourful yet mature aesthetic, Lenovo’s presence at the Bett Show showcased the brand’s positioning as an innovative leader in the field of education technology.


a collection of collateral

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Staff uniforms

To increase awareness and promote exploration of Lenovo’s F1 in Schools initiative, staff were given an F1 inspired t-shirt design that included shoulder stripes and a small co-branded badge

Printed Materials

To ensure visitors left with a host of information we created a set of leaflets that covered a range of content, from an aerial stand map and presentation schedule, to a full partner list and hero product offers. 


The giveaways on the day included a colourful test tube of sweets, a branded hand warmer, a state-of-the-art eco water bottle and a premium astro-branded tote bag, all chosen to represent the theme of the stand, fit the season in which the event was held, and to represent Lenovo’s brand voice and messaging.