lenovo rbte 2018

film direction

client: Lenovo / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: June 2018
Video Direction: Daniel Forni / Copywriting: Daniel Forni / Video Design: James Albarn



To direct and create a short brand film for Lenovo’s exhibition stand at RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo).


The film spanned over 3 physically moveable screens, with a narrative that told the story of an evolutionary high street, and a retailers necessity to adapt to the modern shopper. With no sound, the film featured dynamic typography that helped to communicate the brand story.

2 films were produced, highlighting different areas of retail. Each of which would be played at separate times, as the stand itself changed physically throughout the day, so would the films.


Branded 1min+ film

from stockroom
to storefront…

DF.Lenovo.RBTE-Film Storyboard.23.04.18_Page_16 copy.jpg

…the high street is evolving.

At it’s core the film was used to communicate Lenovo’s innovative thought leadership in the world of retail technology. Combining product footage, colourful stop motion, and dynamic typography, this short film told the exciting story of an evolutionary retail landscape in the brand’s definitively fun and playful tone.



Different adapts better.

An evolving high street, means adaptability is essential.

Speed. Ease. Availability. Customers want them all.

Transactions in seconds. Personalised interactions. Multiple-channel experiences.

Preparation is key. From stockroom to storefront.

Adaptable devices, tailored for change.

Flexible technology, for a seamless customer experience.

Revolutionary technology, for an evolutionary high street.

Different is better