lenovo retail pop-up 2019

exhibition design

client: Lenovo / employer: Brand & Deliver / date: February 2019
Lead Director: Daniel Forni



Lenovo required a striking showcase design for their retail pop-up store, an annual event for their key retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis. At the event retailers have the chance to learn more about Lenovo product innovations, technological solutions, and potential stocking deals. The event was to be held in IceTank, an events and photography hosting space.


A colourful branded space that would present Lenovo products in a minimally styled, yet boldly memorable way.


Event concept, design and artworking
Screen fill designs

an exclusive gallery 


the concept

From blank canvas to a colourfully artistic gallery, the space was designed to immerse visitors in the Lenovo brand, and showcase their retail store of the future.


the retail store of tomorrow


the design

Combining unique and unusual gallery elements, and strategic colour accents and implementations, the space is a vibrant showcase that immerses customers in a contemporary retail experience, communicating Lenovo's playfully creative style and showcases an instinctively innovative approach to technology


a retail layout

Strategically designed display units and clear aisles gave imbued the space with a natural retail customer flow, allowing visitors to relate to the space as a retail environment.


personalised welcomes

For each retailer, we created individualised welcome screens that greeted them as they entered the space, instantaneously making them feel like they have entered a retail store space tailored specifically for their business.


continuous floor vinyls

Colourful flat colour vinyls ran from the sides of the display units to the floor and beyond, helping to break up the white space and designate clear product areas.  


opaque partitions

Coloured vinyl additions to the display units segmented the space further, and added a vibrant sense of depth. 


reportage photography