mother’s day
for waitrose

campaign design

Creative Exercise / date: January 2014

2011 mom.jpg


To create a brand campaign for Waitrose in celebration of Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day, the time of year when we fervently search for a gift good enough to give to our nearest and dearest. This campaign for Waitrose is targeted towards those who long for the home cooked specialities of their youth, the dishes that may have not been culinary masterpieces, but were high in quality because they were made with care, love and protection.


OOH campaign poster series
Co-branded 2nd Phase OOH campaign poster series
Social integration
TV spot


a como mama collaboration

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From home to OOH

‘It’s the way she makes it’ runs along side it's sister project, Como Mama, a new range of Spanish food that I concepted and branded. The wording Como Mama translates as, ‘Like Mum‘, and introducing this new range of traditional homemade style Spanish food alongside the Mother’s Day Campaign is the perfect companionship.

Customers are encouraged to send in their own pictures of their mother’s cooking their speciality meals. The pictures would then be showcased in their very own OOH campaign.
The change to more modern photography styles and a polaroid style framing device, alongside actual names, makes the campaign even more personal, and let’s viewer’s know these area real Waitrose shopper.

The packaging design for Como Mama can be found above the header under 'Portfolio'.