black friday campaign 2016

campaign design

employer: / date: November 2016


brief: required a graphic-led look and feel for their 2017 Black Friday sale. The branding would go across all digital collateral and potentially print marketing.


An adaptable design that would utilise’s craft aesthetic, that also alluded to a winter theme.


Branded campaign identity
On-site graphics
Email designs
Social posts
Social skins

a craft made snowy scene


the design

The finalised design’s combined chalkboard style typography with snowy accents to communicate the winter timing of the event, and touches of red to bring in a traditional sale colour accent.

The core design solely read as ‘Black Friday Sale’, with a secondary design for the campaign strapline, “Designed beautifully. Made carefully. Priced wonderfully.”

These core designs then had attached secondary messaging for such things as countdown timings and category messaging.

from site graphics to social activations


site graphics

A collection of site banners that were implemented for the course of the sale. These banners reached across the entire site, from large scale call to actions on the homepage, to individual category sale banners. We also created reactionary skinny banners that would feature across the top of all pages to drive customer conversion.


social skins

The Black Friday campaign branding took over all of’s social platforms. Over the course of the sale these header’s were adapted and changed to create a sense of urgency to drive customers to the site.

email designs

To drive customers to the site and create widespread campaign awareness, we created a series of branded emails that utilised the core campaign designs with the additional graphic messaging, creating a series of consistent designs, that could be adapted as the sale proceeded.


social posts

During the course of the, we worked with the marketing team to create a series of timed posts and reactionary content that could go across all social platforms. We created various permanent posts that sat with copy messaging, alongside Story posts that again created a sense of urgency to purchase.