make awards 2015

event branding & direction

employer: / date: August 2015

MakeAwards2015-352 copy.jpg


To create an aspirational, premium, and celebratory environment for’s Partner Community awards ceremony, Make Awards.


Using an on trend copper aesthetic, and craftsmanship visuals that elegantly and seamlessly conveyed the prestige and luxurious nature of the event, as well as representing the labour and craft that goes into the daily work of a seller.


Branded campaign identity
Event space design and direction
Printed guide and handouts
Social assets
Desktop and mobile landing pages
Email design
Digital presentation design
Art directed photoshoot

a celebration of process

branding 2.jpg
branding 7.jpg
branding 5.jpg




a custom-made ceremony

Working with a designated partner, multiple bespoke awards were made to bring the celebration of craft to the forefront of the ceremony.

specs of gold

Names badges, event wristbands, and presentation designs brought the night together under one branded roof.


go vote

A bespoke landing page allowed visitors to gain more information about the event itself, and nominate their chosen winners.

a welcome journey fit for winners

Attendees were sent a series of emails that ranged from starting-gate nominee and voting emails, to celebratory post-event winner emails and an event round-up.

photoshoot prize


gold-star styling

Award winners were given a bespoke photoshoot for their products, which utilised core design and textural elements from the award ceremony branding, as well as contemporary home and lifestyle aesthetics.