branding and packaging design

Creative Exercise / date: March 2018

SER 7.jpg


To create a new identity and packaging design for premium Finnish caviar brand, Serenia, as a competitive brief for Mesh Marketing.


A luxurious and elegant logo inspired by the product’s shape, as well as elements from the physical shape of the sturgeon fish, with packaging also using this minimalistic approach, coated in vibrant blue, paying homage to the Finnish flag.


Brand design
Product packaging

ocean origins

Drawing inspiration from the sturgeon shape itself, with it’s dynamic angular fins, imbuing the logo with a sense of movement and sharpness, whilst teaming this sharpness with the perfect circular shape of the eggs themselves to create a light and balanced monogram.

caviar colourways

The new colourways were chosen to reflect the luxury nature of the product, but with a modern twist. Traditional navy and royal blues were replaced with tones of electric and pastel blues, and a textural gold.