Daniel Forni

Varied Commercial


CEP Promotional Banners

To design  6 bespoke advertisement banners for CEP, Corporate Entertainment Professionals. The baners were to be produced in a fashion that highlighted the extreme, talented and themed nature of the services CEP has to offer potential customers.

Produced for Corporate Etertainment professionals in June 2013.



Canon IXUS 510 HS

To produce an advertisement design to promote Canon's new IXUS 510 HS Camera, targeting people who live an urban night time lifestyle, who visit bars, clubs, parties and venues with low light. Experimenting with the advertisement's use in editorial placements, and combination with a call to action for their email marketing campaign.

Produced for Possible Worldwide in May 2013.



Civ Pro Quo

Civ Pro Quo is a bespoke legal website blog design produced for Simon Butler, a legal professional practicing from the Chambers of Grahame Aldous. He desired a unique, fun, illustrative style website that would allow him to advertise his expertise, updates on his profession, personal thoughts, and tutorial services. 

Produced for Simon Butler in October 2013, whilst at Reflect Digital. 



Referral Marketing

A book jacket design for business strategist and marketing entrepreneur Jenny Foster for her latest book on the power of referral marketing, and the power of human-to-human business marketing.

Produced for Jenny Foster in June 2013, whilst at Reflect Digital.