about me


For me, design is about people.

I want to help people see the world and experience it in new ways. I want them to interact with ideas and concepts that expand their horizons. I want to inspire them to aspire – and give them the product or destination with which they can realise their dreams.

It doesn’t matter whether someone needs a new pair of jeans or a three-month cruise, great design can play with the rules of attraction and grab the attention of anyone, anywhere. Let’s turn heads on the street, inspire clicks and provoke retweets and shares.

Through the privilege of working with a diverse global client base,I’ve discovered not just what drives me artistically, but what drives other people emotionally. I’ve explored styles and techniques and developed a personal aesthetic, while staying mindful of the briefand what the audience need to see.

So far I’ve taken ideas and brought them to life below-the-line,above-the-line and all over the line. From campaign branding and event direction to advertising and web design, I’m ready to take on anything you need. So tell me, how can I help?

the road so far


october 2017 – present
brand and deliver

▶ Integrated Art Director and Graphic Designer 
Campaign and experiential cross-platform design and art direction for international clientele in the B2B and B2C markets.. 


january 2017 – october 2017
jpc creative

▶ Integrated Art Director and Graphic Designer 
Campaign creation and cross-platform design for various B2B and B2C clients. 


june 2014 – january 2017

▶ Integrated Art Director and Graphic Designer
Multidisciplinary design and art direction, covering digital, print and UX, alongside concept and campaign creation. 


june 2013 – june 2014
reflect digital

▶ Graphic Designer
Branding, print design, information design and UX, for clients ranging from the legal sector, to the entertainment industry.